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What problems will solar road studs encounter in the installation
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What problems will be encountered in the installation of solar road studs? Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd. will share with you the problems encountered in installation and related knowledge with more than ten years of industry experience.

With the widespread application of road studs in high-grade highways and municipal roads around the world, the quality and service life of road studs have received more attention. However, in the actual application process, the spikes are damaged and the service life is reduced due to installation problems. Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd. has summarized the problems that often occur during the installation of road studs based on years of production and construction experience, and proposed a reasonable installation method. I hope to discuss with colleagues in the transportation industry.

The following are common problems during the installation of road studs:

  1. Install on the marking line. The marking line is also a kind of resin material, which is also attached to the ground, and its connection with the ground has a certain limit. If the road stud is installed on the marking line, the impact force of the road stud is completely transferred to the marking line. In this way, the road stud is easily impacted off, and the marking line will also be glued.
  2. The installation position of the road stud is uneven. The direct consequence of this is that the force of the spike is uneven, and the pressure on the spike is almost all concentrated in the convex and concave parts. If you encounter a large-tonnage vehicle, the spike is easy to break.

  1. The location of the spikes is not clean. The firmness of the road stud depends on the close combination of the road stud, glue and the ground. If the installation location is not clean, the dust in between will absorb most of the adhesive force of the glue, which will cause the road studs to be weakly bonded, and they will easily fall off when they are impacted by external forces.
  2. The amount of glue is insufficient or excessive. Insufficient dosage will reduce the firmness of the road studs and reduce their service life; if the dosage is too much, excess glue will seep out from around the road studs and will easily rub onto the reflective sheet of the road studs, affecting its reflective brightness.

Next time I will share with you a few other questions.

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